How To Get Your Business on Google

Claiming your Google Business listing is one of the most important tasks a business needs to do.  Yet as I work with small businesses, I am surprised how many haven’t done this.

Customers no longer turn to a phonebook to find contact information – they turn to Google. And more specifically, they turn to Google through their smartphones.

It is imperative that your business is listed within Google so your customers can locate you and contact you efficiently.

First of all, do not mix up “claiming your Google business listing” with any paid Google service, such as Google AdWords, pay-per-clicks, or even where you rank with Google searches (SEO). Claiming your Google listing is a FREE listing that you control and will appear first when someone searches your business name.

Follow these steps to get your business on Google:

1. Create a Google account.

If you have gmail address, you already have a Google account. If you have an Android phone, you already have a google account. But, if you don’t, creating a Google account is free. Just go here and complete the steps:



Important tip – be sure the Google account that is going to set up your Google Business listing is one associated with the business owner. This might be a task you are tempted to hand off to an employee, who then sets it up with their Google account. If that employee moves, it is an exaggerated process to transfer ownership of your listing (especially if the former employee is hard to get a hold of).

Your Google account is the equivalent to your Apple ID.  Be sure to write it down with the password.  You will be using it frequently.

2. Go to the Google Business page to get started.


Follow the steps and enter in as much information as you can about your business.

3. Google needs to verify your business.

To prevent anyone from claiming a listing that they may not necessarily own, Google has a verification process.


You can choose to have Google call your business number and recite a code that you will then enter in, or you can have a postcard mailed to you. I usually choose the postcard option, just to make sure I get it. If I miss the phone call, or an employee answers who doesn’t know what’s going on, then it just delays the process.


4. Enter in your verification code into your Google listing

Once this code is in your listing, you now have full control over the content. You can add your logo, business photos, hours of operation – the more the better!

So many people will use your Google Business Listing to get information and maybe not even get to your website, so filling it out as complete as possible is best.

Claiming your Google Business listing is not just for small business owners, either!  Churches, non-profits, freelancers – really anyone that is involved with something that they would want to be contacted by the public.

Want all the steps in an easy to follow guide?  I will send you a free Step-By-Step Guide on How to Claim Your Google Business Listing.  Just let me know below:

I hope this helps! This is a quick, free task that can pay off big time for your business.

Tell me, have you claimed your Google business listing?