Top 7 Tips for Working at Home

We're a few weeks into this new reality of isolation, quarantining and social distancing.  These are words I never thought I would be using to describe my life.  However, here we are and there is a way to actually get work done from home, even with kids around!  Today, I am going to share my

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Call to Action – What is your website saying to the world?

Call to Action is a critical component to your website design.  I'm going to break down what this term means and provide you with a quick check list to see if your website is using Call to Actions like it should. First, Call to Action (CTA) elements are nothing new to marketing.  Print advertising

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How Do I Rank Higher on Google?

If I had a dollar every time I was asked this from a client, “How do I rank higher on Google?" - well, let's just say I might be able to take some tropical vacations in my spare time - ha! Although this is a highly complex question, I am breaking down SEO (a fancy

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Where and what is my domain?

It is absolutely critical as a business owner to know what a domain is and even more important to know WHERE it is...has this always confused you?  Read on for my domain explanation in non-techy terms. What is a domain anyway? The best analogy I have heard is that your domain is like the house

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My style of design focuses on clean, easy-to-navigate, memorable layouts that tell the story of your business or organization.  My websites are built so you can easily make changes yourself – and my packages all include the training on how to do just that.

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