Another redesign for the guys that brought you NebraskaHSHoops and NebraskaHSFootball.  Their following grows everyday, and they needed a new site that combined the two sports, made viewing and registering on a mobile device much easier, and a site that could grow with them as they continue to grow.  Mike shared with me how many page views their site gets in a month – and it’s HUGE!  I mean, their traffic is enough to make any business or organization drool for sure.

So how do they do it?  I am asked all the time how to increase traffic to someone’s website and also how to rank higher in Google searches.  Although it’s true there is a formula and some techniques that help with this, there is ONE KEY factor that unless you do it, nothing will work.  And the guys at Nebraska High School Sports know how to do it right…

The secret?  Fresh, relevant CONTENT!  You need to be updating your website as often as you can with quality content that appeals to your audience.  Nebraska High School Sports are providing the inside scoop on games, players, and recruitment.  This content drives the traffic to their site.  Not everyone’s website is in an industry where news happens on a daily basis, but everyone has relevant news, topics and tips to share that their audience would find interesting, and thus drives them to their site.

Winning the SEO and analytics game isn’t some magic, mystical formula.  It takes a little work, creativity, and quality, relevant content.