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aboutpicI started this business because I kept getting asked by friends and colleagues to help them with their websites or marketing and would moonlight to get their projects done. I found I loved these moonlighting projects more than my day-job, so I started this business to reach more people and help them with their website and design needs.

I have found my niche by offering impressive, powerful websites that don’t break the bank.  Since my overhead is low, I transfer those savings onto my clients.  I’m your one contact – no account manager, creative director, design intern or fancy receptionist – just me.

If you want the resume: I have an Masters in Public Administration and worked for the federal government for six years, focusing on website development, web content updating, and creative media presentations for elected officials and political candidates. I have a BS in Political Science and a BA in Spanish and Latino Studies. I have the ability to tap into both sides of the brain – conquering creative design as well as technical coding.

Let’s get started on making your website and marking great.  Contact me.